There are times in peoples lives when a person may need some extra support or feel weighed down by problems and stresses. Maybe an existing conflict or pattern of events keeps resurfacing.

Counselling offers a unique space for you to talk about whatever you wish in a safe and confidential environment; it is to enable a person to talk freely and openly and be able to share concerns and distresses. The counsellor creates a space for listening, communicating and exploring thoughts which, at times, may be hard to share with others.

Counselling aims to encourage the individual to explore their feelings and difficulties which, in turn, may enable them to gain some clarity and understanding about their experiences and help to change life patterns and behaviors. The individual should therefore feel more positive by gaining an understanding of problems encountered as well as alleviating some of the distress and symptoms experienced.


I currently counsel from a venue in Thames Ditton,which has good parking facilities and is accessible by train services (5 minute walk) and buses.

I can be contacted through the form below or by mobile on 07793 554635

If you contact me and I am not available then I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Sometimes it can be difficult to take the first step with counselling so please use the option that is most comfortable for you.